Blower Motor 400-460V


CARRIER 50DK406816 replacement

SKU: INV-RN-20833


Equivalent To Carrier 50Dk406816
Fasco Jf1H143N


  • Voltage: The specification “460V” typically refers to the operating voltage required for this inducer assembly, indicating it’s designed to operate on a 460-volt electrical system.
  • Compatibility: It’s specifically designed to be compatible with certain models or series, such as furnaces or heating systems manufactured by Carrier.
  • Function: The inducer assembly helps in the extraction of combustion gases from the furnace or heating system. It aids in the combustion process, ensuring proper ventilation and safe exhaust of gases generated during heating.
  • Installation: The inducer assembly is a critical part of the heating system and requires proper installation and maintenance to ensure the furnace operates efficiently and safely.
  • Replacement Part: This motor likely serves as a replacement part for certain Carrier units, meant to replace a faulty or worn-out inducer assembly to restore proper functionality to the heating system.


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